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plushies, WIP
I thought I would take a shot at plushies, using a pattern by Norhsound.  The first one, I used the short muzzle.  it has a great feline/rodent/other small animal  appearance.   It has teddy bear joints and needs features. (eyes, nose)  The second one, i made in the colors and patterns of my Fursuit using the long muzzle.  the fur is a bit longer, the extremities are attached to the body, stitched on, and I love the look.  I took the time to hand stitch most of the second one, and it also needs eyes and a bit of a face trim... however, if I want it to keep looking like my fursona, it'll have that wild floofy faced mutt look like my fursuit head.  I can't wait to finish these off, and had a great time making them.  I look forward to making many more.


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